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It's Tool Time!

Written by Merlene Paynter


Posted on November 16 2019

Over the past 25+ years of knitting I've used needles and tools of all types, from inexpensive plastic from the department store, to plastic needles that were older than me handed down from a relative, to newer sophisticated tools like the ChiaoGoo interchangeable needle sets that allow you to mix and match needle tips sizes to cable lengths and more. 

I'm really excited to announce that Sea Witch Yarn now carries a curated selection of my favourite knitting tools.

Every tool included in our new tools & accessories collection is something that I personally use myself after much trial and error with various brands and types of things.

For now the collection includes ChiaoGoo Twist Interchangeable needles sets, along with extra tip sizes, cables, connectors, adaptors and stoppers that work together with the sets.

I tend to have several knitting projects on the go at once so it's always handy to have some extra tips and cables in the sizes I use the most tucked into my ChiaoGoo case.

I've recently fallen in love with Cocoknits accessories and tools as well. The Maker's Keep has a magnet and the other Cocoknits tools have some steel on them so they magnetically stick to the Maker's Keep. No more lost cable needles or stitch counters!

Cocoknits Maker's Keep 

You can shop all of the tools & accessories we stock at Sea Witch Yarn here.

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