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Knitting Aspirations

Written by Merlene Paynter


Posted on October 03 2019



If you're anything like me, you have a long list of knitting patterns and projects on your "to knit next" list.

A couple of years ago I discovered the knit pattern designer Andrea Mowry (@dreareneeknits) when her Find Your Fade shawl pattern was being knit by just about everyone in a group I'm a member of on Facebook. After seeing what seemed like the 100th post about Find Your Fade I jumped onto the bandwagon, bought the pattern on Ravelry and started.

The pattern uses 7 different colourways of yarn to create a fade effect from one colour to another and the resulting shawl is stunning. And long! I'm pretty sure mine is well over 6 feet long and it's almost award to wear as a result. But it's one of my favourite things I've ever knit and I ended up knitting a second one. I'm sure I'll knit it again at some point too.

I've since gone on to buy up several of Andrea Mowry's patterns. In fact, if I knit nothing but Mowry patterns from this point onward, it would be several years before I ran out of new patterns to try. That's because I'm an aspirational knitter.

I'm constantly buying patterns. Much like Andrea Mowry, I fell in love with and bought many patterns from other designers including (but not limited to) Joji Locatelli, Caitlin Hunter, Stephen West and Julie Weisenberger. All aspirational knitting patterns. if I never bought another pattern of any kind in my life, I'd still never be able to knit every pattern I've bought just from these five talented designers. And that's ok. I love supporting work I admire and I love knowing that these aspirational knit patterns are there when I need them.

I'm currently finishing up The Throwback Cardigan by Mowry. This is the third pattern of Mowry's I've knit (I also knit a Comfort Fade Cardigan recently) and I'm just about to add the front bands and then it will be ready to wear. I dug into my yarn stash, yarns I'd bought many years ago to make up the contrast colours and some Cascade 220 that was leftover from my shop days.

The Throwback Cardigan

I took this photo a week or so ago before I'd finished the second sleeve and the collar. Now just to add the front bands and weave in all the ends (sooo many ends). I'm loving this gorgeous grassy green. This will be my go-to sweater this fall, I think.

But wait...

Heartstrings CropAndrea Mowry just sent out her newsletter and she has a new sweater ...

ahh... 30 seconds later I've added another pattern to the aspirational knits list... The Heartstrings Crop.

How cute is this? I remember wearing similar sweaters in the 70s and 80s growing up.

This just jumped to the top of the knit next list.

I'm a member of the Loops Challenge group and the Fall challenge is crop sweaters. I'd been humming and hawing over which crop sweater to knit but I think it'll need to be Heartstrings.

What about you? Are you an aspirational knitter like me? Do you have more patterns or ideas to knit than you'll ever have time for?