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Knitting has been my passion for over 25 years. When I started buying and knitting with hand-dyed yarns I was blown away by the colours and variety of the hand-dyed yarns I was seeing. There's something almost alive about the vibrant colours that are possible. Then, the ability to pick and choose not only the colours, but the fibres and weights of yarn, well... let's just say I'm now hooked on dyeing.
Merlene Paynter hand-dyed yarn
Dyeing yarn is a way of creating something beautiful but knowing that this beautiful, colourful thing will then be used to create a luxurious scarf, a cozy hat, a cheerful pair of sock, or some other handcrafted item is pure joy. And following that, that stunningly handcrafted item may be gifted to someone else and become a favourite gift is magical.